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Featured / 1.01.2023

How To Achieve Your New Year's Resolution Health and Fitness Goals

Did you know that more than 80% of people who set New Year’s resolutions give up within just a few weeks?

How can you avoid being one of the 80%? In this article, we are going to give you some easy ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions and achieve your health and fitness goals. 

There are many reasons why the majority of people do not manage to achieve their goals in the New Year. One of the main reasons is that they set very unrealistic goals that are not sustainable in the long term. 

For example, if you wish to get fit in the New Year, you might feel extra motivated within the first few weeks of January. You go to the gym every single day to work out for one or two hours. 

Unless you are a top-level athlete, going to the gym every day is a recipe for disaster. You aren’t giving your body any time to rest and recover, and you will quickly get burnt out. 

After a couple of weeks, you will no longer want to exercise because your body will be hurting so much! Because of this, you give up on your New Year’s resolution altogether and say that you will try again next year. 

The 20% of people who managed to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and achieve all of their health and fitness goals don’t go about things this way. Instead, they choose the sustainable route. 

Let's take the example of wanting to get fit in the New Year. If you want to achieve this goal and continue your health and fitness journey for the foreseeable future, start off slowly. 

Instead of going to the gym every single day, add in just one or two workouts a week. After a few weeks, add in an extra workout if you feel ready to do so. 

For most people, working out 3 to 4 times a week is enough to reach any health and fitness goals. You can easily challenge your body in lots of new and exciting ways with just a few workouts each week but you won’t get burnt out. 

Here are some quick tips to summarise everything that we’ve said in this article:

  • Create realistic goals
  • Make small, actionable changes to your lifestyle that you can continue for years and years
  • Keep your ‘why’ in mind so that you stay motivated to achieve all of your goals
  • Write down your goals and read them every single day
  • Workout with a partner who will hold you accountable and make exercise more enjoyable

Follow these tips to make reaching your New Year’s resolutions easy, no matter what health and fitness goals you have.

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