Active Release Techniques
Not Your Typical Massage

Active Release Techniques (ART) is a massage therapy technique that helps treat muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, and other soft tissue problems.

ART works by targeting injury and scar tissue in the muscles to restore them to their proper function. This technique lowers pressure on the surrounding blood vessels and tissues that comes with swelling and injury.

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The Goal Of Active Release
Our objective for this treatment is to improve the muscle function and relieve pain.

This breakthrough technique can help permanently resolve conditions that arise as a result of overused muscles. Our chiropractic team has had enormous success using Active Release Technique in treating Ironman athletes and people with repetitive motion injuries.

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A Proven Treatment For Migraine Headaches
How A Simple Chiropractic Technique Can Help

People with migraines generally take a lot of over the counter and prescription medication to manage their migraine pain. Over time, taking too much headache medication can do severe damage to your liver and kidneys. Many people do not realize that an ART-certified chiropractor like the ones at Northwest Injury Clinic can provide a non-invasive, medication-free solution to migraines by finding the source of the pain, not just treating the symptom.

Regardless of what kind of pain brings you to our office, our chiropractors will be able to help reduce your pain and restore your function so you can get back to living a full life. Dr. Jorgensen is certified in Active Release Techniques and has helped thousands of patients in Idaho get relief from debilitating pain. Our chiropractic team uses ART as part of a customized treatment plan for back and shoulder pain, work-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, and sports injuries like shin splints.

When you call to schedule your appointment, ask if Active Release Techniques may be right for you.

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